Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Choice is Always Yours...

Don't know whether this is the right place to express myself in this way.., but anyways.., I shall continue....

Sometimes, people are just dumb and plain stupid.
Sometimes, people shout even though they know they are wrong.
Sometimes, people groan because they feel they have been wrongly served, even though deep within they know they are wrong.
Sometimes, I enter into arguments with people. And then I get to hear arguments, whose worth is no more than a dog's bark to me.

And it is times like these, that makes me question: "who do you want to be?".

Do you want to be the dog running after the speeding car?
Just because you can?
Just because you are a dog?
Just because you think every car is at fault?
Just because you think the car is too fast for you?
Even when you know your chase will yield no result?
So as to satisfy your lame ego?

Or do you want to be the one sitting inside the car?
Unmoved by the actions of dogs outside. Probably found in packs of 4 every street.
Speeding away, because thats what you want to do.
Because you know, that stray dogs are notorious for chasing cars stupidly.

I guess, the choice is always yours: You can either be the dog complaining lamely about things, or you can be the calm guy who knows where he is heading...

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