Saturday, May 07, 2011

Why You Pray

Well, when I started this blog post, I had in my mind certain things that I would have liked to write about. Hot ones amongst them were God and religion, spirituality and existence.

Here, I will quote a wall posting on my room's wall, which I wrote sometime around August last year. It is sort of my answer to the questions, why I pray to a God, and why I should pray to a God, and why I should or should not fear a God. Its been written in second person, because, originally, it was meant for reminding something to myself. And I am quoting this one, because, I just tore it away from the wall. I will be vacating my hostel room soon.

You Pray,
Because you want solace, Because You want peace. Some time, to be with yourself, alone with yourself. Some time, to be yourself, yes, to let you be yourself, and not what the world wants you to be. And so as to think and reflect upon your actions.

You Pray,
To a certain God, Sure of neither his existence, nor the absence of it, Only with the hope, that powers divine, which are otherwise unknown to your conscious self, may manifest into the required force of Will, and guide your inner subconscious.

Forget Not Why,
You pray to a certain god, and cut yourself loose, of any cobwebs that the world tries to trick you into.

Forget Not why,
You wish to pray -- to have your pie of peace, and not to fall prey, to a worldly sense of spiritual habit.

Fear not what, You think or do, in his presence.
But what, You do, in his absence.

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