Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Life Goes On...

I had an interesting vacation, which gave me a lifetime worth of experience. (not kidding). Well, I spent most of my time with family at home, taking care of my sister, and her newborn - as she was suffering from PPD. I briefly went to Agra - to meet Naniji and for a while, re-live some of my childhood memories at their place, since they were shifting out from the old house, forever.

I had my convocation. Most of my friends were absent from it. That was a spoiler for sure. But my parents, who were witnessing a convocation for the first time, completely enjoyed it, and that over-compensated for the other missing sentiments.

Its been almost five weeks since I shifted base to Mumbai. In fact, my first salary is due tomorrow.
I had a lot of doubts before joining my company. But having spent almost a month in the organization now, I can safely say that all those doubts were, well kiddish.
The people I work with are way more smarter than those I have previously worked with. The environment is entrepreneurial. Everyday, I get to learn a lot of new, interesting and important things. The start-up culture tremendously improves the learning curve.

Life in Mumbai has been a mix of interesting and disgusting, with the occasional sight-seeing and the un-occasional rains filling up the space in between. 

Imagine its the first day of your stay in the city. While returning from a nearby place, you choose to travel in a public bus. You are spending your time calmly in the last row of the bus, when suddenly, a 'couple' come and seat themselves beside you. At the start of the next bus stop, they start indulging, in you-know-what. And finally, a time comes, when they unashamedly smooch each other in full public, for a good couple of minutes, before getting down at the next stop. While all this time, you are just thinking in your mind, God, is this really happening? India sach me itna tarakki kar gaya hai? bus me?
And then you look around uncomfortably, only to find people glancing at the 'couple', and bowing their heads, or looking at some other random direction. #True Story.
Couldn't stop wondering, if the same routine happened in the late hours and something unfateful happened with the couple, how much fault would they be at.

Its interesting how life goes on, seems like yesterday when I entered college, but today, I'm a working professional.

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