Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The times are changing

I joined this company in July, fresh out of my college. I had been placed on the 2nd day of our campus placements. I had landed a double digit job.

Tomorrow, I will complete my 4 months here.
Tomorrow, its my birthday.
Yesterday, I was asked to resign.

Today, I tendered my resignation - I will be relieved on 30th November, once my notice period ends. The company is going to shut down within next 3-4 months - we had already been so informed informally 18 days back. The choice had been between rescinding the offers before we joined, vs letting go in a longer fight. 

The unannounced voluntary layoffs began with all the freshers being asked to resign. Baaki teams bhi kat pit rahi hain, within the company, and the group as well.

But this is not what I wanted to write about.

I have managed a verbal offer from another company in the last 2 weeks, so no compromises made. 

This crisis has given me much food for thought. Its funny how I never understood the value of profile building during my college, though I had ended up decently well so far.

I envy those smart kids in college, XYZ club wale, ABC association wale. Lucky, to have been initiated into the worldly affairs so early. Lucky, to have known so much about life back then.

Or maybe, it is just my fate. Maybe, I am meant to learn the hard way. Always.

But I promise this to myself. No more stupid mistakes, after all, I had joined here after a lot of optimistic thinking. Its my life, and I alone want to be responsible for whatever happens with it. No external company or person shall control my fate ever again.

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