Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Age of Realizations

There were some important realizations today.

The first one started with a gtalk buzz from S, with whom I have worked in the past. As are the times these days, he was told, that the whole department of the company was now being shut down and to start searching for another job. He asked me if there were any jobs in my company, which as far as i know are none.
He then asked me not to tell about this to anyone. "Sab mazak udayenge mera". Everyone will make fun of me.

It made me realize, how big a role the fear of humiliation plays in our lives. So much mind space this stupid thought eats, what will others think/say, when actually one should be focusing on moving fast and getting a new job. It also made me understand better why few months earlier, some of my friends started crying when they were told that all freshers are being asked to resign.

The second realization I had, when I was reflecting on a blog I read. I have always heard people around me telling me that they want to work for a company X for some time, before switching, because they want to build something during that time.

I never really appreciated their sentiments, up until today, when I realised that all that my college tried to teach me was the basic skills, the basics of computer sciences, the basics of mathematical theory. the basics of computer architecture and so on.
And throughout my life so far, that's how I've learned things - learning all the basics.

But today I realised, its not about the basics alone.
Even the most complex of castles are built out of bricks. Life is not about learning how to make good bricks alone. It is about learning  how to make castles, and one requirement of that is understanding how to make bricks.

So far, all I have are the bricks - the basic building blocks.

In order to make use of all that I have learnt, I now need to work on the arrangement of the same, to make castles of my own. I guess the same is the intentions of people when they say they want to build something.

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