Saturday, March 30, 2013

Philosophical Thoughts

So I will try to document some stray philosophical thoughts in my mind, that I constantly keep losing track of.

A lot of discussions, I seem to find are based on individual instances; Instances of horror, Instances of people making all kind of wrong noises for all kind of wrong demands, and so on.
And one thing I have come to realize  is that even though all these instances matter, these are singularities in the graph. When getting involved in a discussion, the different sides choose singularities, that seem to justify their points of views. The winner is the guy who listens to both the sides, and is then able to form a continuity out of those singularities, something that holds valid for most of the singularities.

I have been reading and learning about the animal kingdom a bit, and it just marvels me how we are all like animals - fearing the unknown, attacking when feeling vulnerable, focussing more on the immediate needs than focussing on the larger picture and so on.
I think, to understand the humans, we need to first understand how they evolved into who they are right now. I thus must finish reading some books - 1)The origin of species 2) guns germs and steel - the history of everything for last 13000 years.
On a funny note, if you are inside a meeting or something, where the environment is highly tense with people fighting each other over petty issues - try imagining the people as monkeys in your head. You will find the situation absolutely humorous.

I have always wondered how one form of death is different/more painful than another. So you die in a truck accident, where its a scene of gore, your head is completely crushed, and people have a tough time separating you from the road. Or you die in your bed, having lived a life till 80, with wife, kids et al. Would it matter to you how you die?
I guess all these ways of death matter a lot more to people who are still living on the earth - the gore shocks their inner self, because they haven't imagined life to be so fragile.
 Dying young means a lot of things unachieved, dying in accidents means things ending abruptly - and thus, many a thing which were meant to be achieved left incomplete, unachieved.

When I think of it, would it matter to me if I die in either of the ways? I dont know. I think it wont matter, though I would love to finish whatever all I started, and there are intermediate phases in life when you complete one thing and are moving on to another. But I dont get it why one form of death has to be more painful than other.

I have been reading a lot of books and blogs lately. One thing I have come to realise about people is, that they are not bad or good; they just have their moments of failure when their character fails. For some, this turns into a habit. The reverse can also be said to hold, people just have their moments of success when their character succeeds. For some, this turns into a habit.
The lesson is, Life is however you want to look at it. Life is whatever you want to make it to be. You are both good and bad simultaneously; what separates you, is the choices you make.
What defines you, is what side you choose to be on, the good or the bad, the positive or the negative.

Then finally there is love. I have been thinking lately, on the meaning of love, and what value it holds in our life, why is it important and so on. I watched a movie, A beautiful mind, and its had one such deep profound thought in it, in the acceptance speech, when John Nash says "you are all the reason I am". I just can't stop reflecting on it.
People define their lives in terms of god, in terms of religions, in terms of causes, in terms of impact, but what is underlying under it all, is love. What you love comes to define who you are. You love religion, it comes up to define you. You love God, and you get thusly defined. It might be worldly, non worldy, living, or non animate. But what you love defines you. It truly is all the reason you are.

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