Tuesday, December 31, 2013

14 Lessons I learnt this year to carry into 2014

  • Your reputation precedes you wherever you go.
  • Just like a brand represents you, you too represent the brand and what it stands for.
  • Convenience is the mother of adoption.
  • A thief believes everybody steals.
  • You can only grow as big as you aim, as big as you dream. No matter what you do in life, you will always be limited by your own abilities, your own imagination, your own knowledge, or the lack of them.
  • Inches will win you matches only when all the other complexities have been taken care of. The last mile, can matter only when you can walk the miles prior to it.
  • To get the must-haves done, all you need is an unreasonable man. A man who is unreasonable  and unbending in his demands, actions and expectations, madness personified. All it takes to put everything in order is this one unreasonable man, who won't allow compromise of any kind to perpetuate while he is there.
  • It is our choice who we want to be in life - the storyteller, the surviver, the fighter, the victim. How much we strive for being who we want to be dictates what we actually become
  • You spend your time doing whatever you find the most engrossing, whatever captures your imagination the most.
  • An organization of one kind is no different than an organization of another. If you can manage 10, you can manage 100 or 1000. Its just a matter of dividing and arranging people properly.
  • There are limited number of tasks that you can't do if you are truly smart. But the time you have is limited, and hence you must wisely choose which ones to do yourself.
  • Justice, Equality, Freedom and like notions are a luxury. They are hardly available to the masses, masses who always have more primal, animalistic needs and fear - food, shelter, and their immediate family.
  • Nothing is one, One is nothing. Philosophy is like a sphere; the joy is not in finding the starting or ending of the circle, but in tracing paths on it, again and again, discovering ways not previously visible to your own self and finding how one line of reasoning could ultimately be used to lead to the complete opposite of the intended conclusion.
  • Life is a sequence of events, and every event has a probability attached with it. While logic is binary, and hence helps dissect the possible from the impossible, it is the probablities which dictate which among the possibles is most likely to happen, and thus give you a better sense of how to use your own abilities to shape the final outcome.

  • I couldn't gather the list of books I read last year, or this one, so post to detail them isn't happening. 
  • Happy New Year!

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