Monday, January 01, 2018

The morning verses

I've been trying to code a website for last couple of days. Being a side project, I set this up as 2017 goal for me, and targeted developing it before 1st January.

Having been working exclusively on backend for past 4 years now, the HTML, CSS, JS of the day are much different than what the libraries 4 years ago looked like. I overshot the timeline, and at around 6 am in the morning, when exhausted after triaging one of the last few UI bugs, I needed a diversion. Thankfully, two insects and the Sun provided the inspiration.

This is what I came up with - formatting it and posting now. Happy new year 2018, and hope you enjoy this short poem :)

The night it seemed would never end
as the code it seemed would never compile,
All my brain in thinking spent
while all my effort seemed futile.

Hours it took to dawn upon me
what silly errors had I made,
The classes somehow manipulated me
for all the errors could now fade.

For this respite I was thanking god
when two insects flew into my space,
Death with a slipper was their reward 
for flying and hitting upon my face. 

And then the birds started chirping out my door
while the sun began to rise in the sky,
The dead were dancing on the floor
as I started having a morning high. 

And thus I made peace with my brain
while the peace of my mind returned again,
For the morning air started refreshing me
while the sunshine took away my pain.

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