Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Some poems - 6 - Sometimes

I remember writing this one as a personal challenge, after I read a poem from a college senior who had covered the life of a drop of water. While mine is a lot more depressing in hindsight, nevertheless, here it goes:

I feel like I am the wind
untamed by anyone around me
unfazed by happenings around me
unnoticed by everyone around me.

I feel like I am the rain
that washes away everything with my tears
that only a few clouds befriend
whose rage everyone fears.

I feel like I am the river
whose raging waters never cease
whose flood births tyrannies
whose soul rests in the seas.

I feel like I am the sea
with water so salty none can drink
only brine visible, no sign of brink
inside of which all things sink

I feel like I am the Earth
that carries all the weight of the world
that burns inside in its own hearth
and no one understands whose words

But then I was remembered.
Life isn't about the negatives alone
I may have my griefs, but some happy moments I do own.

So Yes.
I am the wind that sets everything in motion
I am the rain that brings joy and fresh notions
I am the river that helps life big and small
I am the sea which is deep
I am the earth that sustains one and all.


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