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Hi there!

I'm Anshul Goyal, a technology enthusiast from India.

The name of the blog is inspired from the try clause that most Object oriented languages support, for executing any block of meaningful code with exception handling.

I use this blog for writing about my interests - like travel, technology, politics, startups, and management concepts. My posts are as varied as my interests, and I occasionally post poetry, fictional writing, and hypothetical theories as well. No particular order is intended.

The Future is a series of posts I'm writing on how I see global trends to take over the general concerns of humans, while the All The Grey Cells' Fodder points to all the collection of posts here.

Professional Bio (Linkedin Profile):
I am an Engineer with good experience of handling multiple software development responsibilities - including Engineering Manager, Team Lead, Senior Software Engineer, and Product Management. I regularly participate in hiring, developer outreach, and other such org initiatives. My experience has been working in eCommerce and online travel domains. So far, I've worked at:
My educational background is in Computer Science Engineering from BITS Pilani. Python is my go-to language. 
I occasionally contribute on the developer QnA website stackoverflow.com, where I'm amongst top ~0.4% world wide contributors and top 100 contributors from India with 50k+ reputation and 4 million+ people reached. 

You can leave feedback on any of the posts, and contact me by going to the Contact Me page.

  1. All content on this blog, and on any of my other network profiles, like Twitter, Linkedin, StackOverflow etc represent my thoughts and opinions alone, and do not represent views of any of my employers, past or current.
  2. The blog has both Adsense and Google Analytics js embedded in it.


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